Dead Letter Office

24 February 2017


Mr B.R. Dionysius

38 Paluna Street

Riverhills QLD 4074


Dear Mr Dionysius

Queensland Poetry Festival Inc. (QPF) – Programming

Thank you for your letter of 3 February 2017. We appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in the Queensland Poetry Festival QPF).

The management committee considered your letter at its last meeting on 10 February 2017.

QPF’s objective is to present and promote poetry in all its forms. Our current festival C0-Directors are engaged to help QPF achieve this objective and, in particular, develop innovative and entertaining programming for the main festival and other QPF events.

Each year QPF seeks to balance the pull of its varied goals. QPF wishes to continue to support the many and diverse poetry communities and recognizes the festival is an important opportunity for poets to show case their work. QPF also wishes to diversify its audience, continue to increase attendance at the festival, and maintain and grow the support of its partners and funders.

Thank you again for your letter. We encourage you to submit an expression of interest for this year’s festival.

Yours sincerely


Tina Radburn


Queensland Poetry Festival Inc.